Morocco Rag-rug // BOUCHEROUITE RUG




Boucherouite is made by Berber women of Morocco.
They keep used clothes of her family and sometimes buy used clothes or fabric from rural market to make rag rugs.

Women who create it are usually farmer and make it for her own family with her idea and sensitivity. Each piece is unique, original.

I collect Boucherouite rag rug for more than 10 years.
I choose from lots of them and collect just what I really love.
We repair and wash all of them before taking picture.

+++++++++++5 good points of Boucherouite rag rug++++++++++++++++++++

1: Upcycled
2: One-of-a-kind
3: Strong and heavy
4: Washable
5: Unique

Made of used clothes.

[One of a kind]
You can not find the same thing. Your Boucherouite rag rug is only one in the world.

[Strong and heavy]
It is not delicate rug. It was made for Moroccan rural living.
It is heavier than wool rug.

Unlike wool rug, it is possible to wash with warm water.(below 30 degrees)
Just put it in your bathtub and use detergent FOR HAND WASHING LAUNDRY.

Unlike many rug and carpet, Boucherouite rag rugs have no traditional design. The design came from creator’s mind.


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