About Babouche ( EN)


M: 23~23.5cm US Women’s 5.5~6
L: 24~24.5cm US Women’s 6.5~7
2L:25 ~26cm US Women’s 8.5

Babouche is a house wear slipper.
So if it is not exact size, it would be fine.

Babouche is traditional Moroccan slipper made by hand with natural materials.

[Sheep leather]
There are about one hundred million sheep in Morocco. Sheep is used for food and products with wool and leather. Morocco has long history of tanning and still keep doing very traditional way of vegetable tanning.
We choose the best leather that is very soft & smooth for our babouche.

Sabra is natural fiber made of cactus.
It is elegantly shinny and strong like silk.
We use sabra for embroidery.


Just imagine, when you walked around whole day with heeled shoes and came back to home, you wear babouche that could wrap your feet by very soft and comfortable leather.
Babouche is not only beautiful, also very very comfortable. Many our clients repeat order because they enjoy comfort and design.

Most people care about what they wear to go out but not at home.
Our babouche’s design and color make your foot looks beautiful and goes well with your clothes.
Babouche is made of natural leather.
As time goes by, it fit your foot more and more.
What is the difference between real leather and synthetic leather?
Real leather is getting aged but synthetic leather will be just old and dirty.
Moroccan sheep is grown up in small farm and natural environment. Sheep is raised to eat and then, it is processed leather and wool.
It is not mass production. Babouche is handmade by craftsman with traditional way. Most of them are sons of craftsman. Traditional skills are still alive in Morocco.
Embroidery is made by women at home. They work besides domestic duties.

As we work for Japanese clients for more than 10 years, we care about quality a lot. We believe we have the best quality in Marrakech.
Our babourhes are made by our craftsman, we choose all the material by ourselves and do almost every process in our factory.
Babouches are inspected 3 times before shipping.

Do not wash and use around water.
Do not keep for a long time in plastic bag. It is made of leather, please keep it in the cotton bag if you don’t use for a while.